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Pinboard of the Week: Kate Spade Celebrate Colorfully



As a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was “I Love Lucy”. One of the things I loved was that the show was in black and white and how wonderfully old school everything was. That is until one day they aired a color episode and I saw the vibrant  red color of Lucy’s hair. Mind officially blown.

Much like those old black and white episodes, my design style sometime leans toward monochromatic, classic, and timeless. Even so, I recognize the importance of having a color-filled life and how color can really change the way we view and perceive things.

Being a type-A personality, adding color can sometimes be scary, but it’s a great feeling when I add a pop of color to something and it surprisingly works. The right balance of color can always take what you’re doing to next level.

I came across Kate Spade’s Celebrate Colorfully Pinterest Board and was so inspired by all the many ways to add color to your everyday life, and I of course wanted to share it with  you. Hopefully it gives you some inspiration to live life in color, go outside of your comfort zone, and do something unexpected this weekend.

Happy Friday, loves!

Flea Marketista


The second Sunday of every month is by far, my favorite day of the month.  A few years ago, I discovered the Rose Bowl flea market, and I’ve been in love ever since. I’ve collected some really beautiful gems over the years, but this rustic lantern light fixture is by far one of my favorites.

Rustic Light Fixture

When we moved into our new home, it came with a decent chandelier, but it wasn’t all that jazz. When I found this fixture, I knew it would pair perfectly over our West Elm stainless steel dining room table and add that some real character to the space.

One of the best part of the flea market is that you can bargain, haggle, work da magic! I’m not the most aggressive negotiator, but even I can still cut a deal at the flea market. Don’t fear putting out your best or lowest offer – the worst thing they can do is say no, so put that poker face on and just go for it!

Even though I’m not crazy enough to get there by 5am, I’m happy to know that there are some seriously hunters like myself out there that are willing to get their butts out of bed that early on a Sunday morning to find a steal. Usually, I end up strolling in around 10am with a cup of coffee and just take it easy. If you’re still there mid-to-late afternoon, you might just come across a booth trying to unload their stuff by the end of the day. That’s how I found this fixture for 50% off the original price. $75 later, the sale was made, and I walked away a happy happy camper. I personally think I hustled the guy, but he seemed happy enough to have one less thing to pack up and drag home. Best deal ever and a day well spent.

Rose Bowl Flea Market
1001 Rose Bowl Dr | Pasadena, CA 91103
Opens at 5am

The Perfect Business Name


Artsy Modern Favs 09-2013

I often have these moments of inspiration where I come up with an ingenious business idea that I’m positive the world will fall in love with. When this happens, the first thing that comes to mind is “What am I going to name this new amazing business?” More often than not, I come up with something incredibly lame or an offshoot of my last name like, “Phamspirational”.

Then, when I come across sites like Artsy Modern, it makes me rage with frustration because I wish I could have come up with an incredibly simple, descriptive, ingenious name like that. Unfortunately, I can’t hold it against them. Especially when they have so many products that I  go completely gaga over.

Here are some of my favorite artsy modern pieces that are exactly that – artsy and modern.  #combosthatwork

:: Twin Triangle Necklaces by Hug a Porcupine (Another genius name) / Classic Silk Square Scarf by Claire Gaudion / Botanical Rose iPhone5 Case by Rifle Paper Co. / Envelope Mail Holder by Goodwin + Goodwin ::